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Strategic Plan
Fiscal Years 2017–19

Our modern technology foundation delivers business outcomes.

I’m pleased to report the fulfillment of OET’s Fiscal Year 2014–2016 Strategic Plan (see OET’s Business Value Report), as it delivered an improved technology foundation that is reliable, scalable, agile, and secure to meet the growing business demands of Maricopa County. These improvements were completed as part of long term strategy to modernize the technology landscape for the County to enable development of innovative products and services that improve employee productivity and the ability to engage customers on their terms – anywhere, anytime, with any device.

This foundation was necessary to enable business solutions that can move at the speed of the market to improve the County’s overall customer experience.

Now we look forward to Fiscal Year 2017—2019. We plan on leveraging this foundation to improve service delivery and the development of innovative solutions that enable new customer experiences. OET’s Fiscal Year 2017—2019 Strategic Plan will focus on the relentless pursuit of delivering service excellence and business solutions that improve the overall quality of service for the County.

I invite you to read through our Plan for greater details on how we will support the County in its mission to provide regional leadership and fiscally responsible, necessary public services so that residents can enjoy living in a healthy and safe community.

David L. Stevens
Chief Information Officer

David Stevens

This plan’s focus includes:

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Digital Government initiative to improve the County’s online engagement with customers, citizens, and businesses.

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Omni Channel considerations for customer engagement, including the use of social media and mobile solutions.

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Greater utilization of data and data analytics, including GIS, to improve operational effectiveness and improve decision making.

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Continued investment in Cyber Security to further the County’s information security posture.

Connecting People, Products, and Services

“…innovation is a feat not of intellect, but of will.” Joseph Alois Schumpeter
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Plan Summary

service qualityService Quality

With the implementation of OET’s new Service Catalog, Service Management System, and Internal Service Fund, all Departments will realize greater service and cost transparency. Service fulfillment will be clearly measured for quality, including the timeliness and cost of service.

Transformation: Redefine how the County engages its customers and supports its employees

Foundational Investments
  • Large scale infrastructure improvements
  • Project Management Office
  • Service Management System
  • Business Integration Services
Quality, Transparency, and Partnership
  • Partner with Departments to evaluate and design new solutions that support their strategic business plans
  • OET’s new Service Catalog and cost allocation model to improve service and price transparency
  • Service measurement – Net Promoter Score and Customer Surveys
service quality
service excellence

Service Excellence

Our mission is to provide our County partners with the systems, applications, and information needed to deliver excellent service to the citizens and customers of Maricopa County.

We will do this through consistency and ease of access, so County employees can be more productive and focus on an improved customer experience.

Transformation: Improve timeliness of service and provide greater access to service

OET Strategies
  • Information security
  • High-performance infrastructure
  • Service management
  • Internal Service Fund
The OET Service Center
  • Self-service portal for submitting and tracking Department requests online
  • Order products and services from OET’s Service Catalog
  • Works on any device, at any time

Customer Experience

A customer experience that enables and fosters improved engagement with the County in ways that our customers expect.

Modernizing OET’s technology foundation will enable new business solutions and outcomes for the County. In collaboration with departments, OET will develop and mature products, services, and capability to create an improved customer experience.

Transformation: Enhanced products, services, and capabilities

OET Strategies
  • Content management system with CivicPlus web platform
  • OpenGov financial and operational data intelligence
OET Product & Services
  • Modern solutions to engage customers and citizens on their terms
  • Omni-channel – allowing customers to interact with the County through mobile and social media
  • Supporting employees with the solutions necessary to deliver outstanding customer service
customer experience
Quality in service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it. Peter Drucker



Measurable Value
Partnership & Collaboration
Continuous Improvement
Smart Investments

Quality in service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it. Peter Drucker

How we'll get there

The central theme of OET’s Strategic Plan—we will expand our efforts to assess service quality for continual improvement.

Continued and expanded partnership and collaboration with Departments to assess service quality and areas of improvement.

Improved transparency of operations to empower Departments to make informed decisions on products and services.

Establish OET’s Internal Service Fund (ISF), providing detailed business value and costs for each of our service lines and services.

Continuous improvement through informed feedback from our customers, employees, and citizens.

Measurable Value

Fiscal Year 2014–2016, OET reduced its budget by 16% through smart investments that consider long term cost of ownership. Completion of these investments has significantly reduced OET’s capital funding requirements for Fiscal Year 2016–2017, providing OET the opportunity to focus on investments that create value for County employees and the customers they serve.

Driving Measurable Value

Full adoption of Service Level Agreements, including national benchmarks, to create greater visibility of service performance. Implementation of a measured customer experience through Net Promoter Score and customer surveys to foster a culture of service excellence

measurable value
measurable value

Partnership & Collaboration

We recognize all Maricopa County Departments seek the highest value, lowest cost solutions. It is our shared mission to achieve these goals.

Continued partnership will allow OET to explore technology solutions that are proven, reliable, and secure to create the greatest value for each Department. Through OET’s experience, collaboration with other jurisdictions, and consultation with leading national firms, we will evaluate the solutions that best meet the needs of the department.

Driving Partnership

Service transparency through OET’s Service Management initiative that promotes partnership with Departments for developing new products and services that create value and reduce costs. Continued and expanded partnership and collaboration with Departments to understand desired business outcomes and align supporting technology solutions.

Continuous Improvement

Performance measurement is the key to continuous improvement. We will focus on measurable, performance-based outcomes that enable OET and Departments to engage in meaningful conversations about service performance and service expectations.

As Department needs change and evolve, so too does technology. We’re committed to empowering our staff with the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop new and innovative solutions based on proven technology.

  • Foster a culture of service excellence that recognizes the need for continuous improvement
  • Reward improvement through employee and group recognition and awards
  • Continue support of training and conferences to empower our employees with the knowledge and expertise to drive improvement

Smart Investments

OET will continue its focus on smart investments that drive down operating costs and provide greater predictability of long term costs. With the successful completion of foundational improvements, OET will continue its current trend in reducing overall costs – both capital and operations – while improving service.

OET will protect County investments, including our employees, customers, and citizens, through continued investments and improvements to the County cyber security capabilities and management.

  • Explore technology financing opportunities to reduce up front costs and create longer term cost predictability
  • Disciplined qualification and selection of new projects based on strategic value, including customer experience and financial return
  • Continued trend to reduce long term costs – capital and operating



Service Management
Great People

What do all Maricopa County employees need to properly serve their customers?

Flexible computing
Laptops, virtual desktops, and mobile devices. Tools that ensure reliable remote access for County employees in the field.

Insightful, timely, and accurate data that improves understanding of customer needs to create actionable results.

Products and services
Forward thinking and responsive service and innovative products that enable speed to market.

Information at your fingertips
Improved Service Delivery
Lower Cost of Operations
Stronger Departmental Partnerships

Service Management

Service management is the overarching capability for OET to provide timely, cost-effective, quality service to all of the customers we serve – including individual employees, businesses, stakeholders, and citizens of Maricopa County.

The OET Service Center will support the full complement of IT Service Management including customer self-service, online service catalog, incident management, service level management, and financial management. OET Service Center will achieve the following objectives:

  • Self service portal to provide easy and intuitive access for requesting and tracking service requests
  • Improved transparency for service requests and service delivery, including service level agreements
  • Measured performance through Net Promoter Score and customer surveys to foster continuous improvement


OET will expand upon its initial Service Catalog to provide Departments an in depth view of all OET services, including service level expectations and related cost of service.

  • Improved partnership through transparency of service delivery and cost of service
  • Improved reporting that provides visibility of measurable service performance and benchmarks
  • Financial reporting that clearly defines cost of service


We will provide consistent, repeatable, timely, and quality service so departments can manage their operations and meet customer expectations.

  • Consistent delivery of quality service that meets or exceeds customer expectations
  • Improved timeliness of service requests through OET Service Center
  • An infrastructure that is “invisible” to employees and customers
  • Mobility solutions for anywhere, seamless access to systems and applications

Great People

We are only as good as our people. OET will continue to focus on great people and developing a culture that promotes individual ownership to deliver first-class service each and every time. We will continue to invest in our environment – including completing the remodel of the Chambers building – providing a place that rewards teamwork, collaboration, and outcomes.

  • Reward employees based on measurable performance and customer feedback
  • Invest in training and certifications to promote individual growth



Digital Government
Products & Services
Data & Analytics
Improved Engagement

How we'll get there

Customer Experience is the ultimate outcome OET can deliver for the County to engage their customers and drive success.

In today’s all-digital environment, customers expect to interact with the County anytime and anywhere that is convenient for them.

Create a digital government presence through a new Content Management System, including new branding for the County.

Improve customer and business understanding through data collection and analytics, including Geographic Information Services.

Support opportunities for customer and citizen engagement through enhanced web presence, mobile solutions (Mobile Maricopa) and social media.

[In the future], The internet will disappear… you won’t even sense it, it will be part of your presence all the time… Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman
digital government

Digital Government

The County’s Digital Government strategy affects every aspect of the County’s business, from the products and services the County delivers, to the back-office processes supporting County employees. Digital Government is becoming the business model for the County to create stronger relationships with its customers and citizens, as well as improved employee productivity.

How we'll support Digital Government

  • Development of a consistent Maricopa County brand that presents the County as one organization to our customers
  • Transition the current Maricopa County websites to a hosted, cloud based content management system
  • Improved use of social media and enhanced citizen engagement to create deeper understanding of customer needs
  • Expansion of online payment for services
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
The very best customer experience is made up of:
  • Personalized Experience
  • Service Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Quality of Service
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Timely Service

Products & Services

OET will integrate technology and business for our customers, harnessing the power of information through smart data analytics to identify new opportunities.

How we’ll develop these new Products & Services
  • Products will be developed through OET’s project portfolio to ensure effective design considerations, including cloud solutions and managed services
  • All products will adhere to the County’s information security standards
  • We’ll leverage defined processes and customer data to move quickly
  • We will sunset products and services that do not add value
  • We’ll collect and act on tangible customer feedback, such as Net Promoter Scores
  • Build partnerships with world-class organizations who can help us achieve our goals

Data & Analytics

Harnessing the County’s data – operational and customer – can provide powerful insights to create new business solutions. The power of data and analytics to drive targeted understanding of issues and opportunities will enable organizational shifts and product development that will allow us to accurately respond to our customers.

How we’ll leverage Data & Analytics:
  • Improve the collection and analysis of key data related to customer and citizen engagement with the County
  • Expand and improve open data and transparency capabilities
  • Develop GIS solutions that provide compelling visual representation of data for ease of use and understanding

Improved Engagement

An improved understanding of our customers will allow us to respond to customer needs and demands. In this digital age, we must be able to deliver solutions with speed and effectiveness so we can have ‘real-time’ engagement with our customers.

How we’ll improve Engagement:
  • Leverage customer and citizen data to improve the customer experience
  • Improve opportunities for customers and citizens to engage the County, including the use of social media